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Our Team

Advisory Board Members

Nishi Signh

Nishi Singh
Nishi Singh

Nishi Singh (board chair) is a strategic turnaround specialist with a focus on compliance and governance. Her company has assisted both start-ups and large enterprises to leverage growth and sustained profitability.  

Thulani Babeli

Mr Babeli

Thulani holds a BSc and BSc (Honours) in Actuarial Science degree from the University of the Free State. He also holds and MSc in Actuarial Finance from the University of Leeds. He has worked in the Financial Industry since 2017, working as an Actuarial Analyst for the Central Bank of Lesotho for 4 and a half years.

He is currently in the Capital Markets Technology Industry working for a consulting firm based in Johannesburg. Thulani is quite enthusiastic about finance, maths and tech; he also enjoys traveling and doing outdoor activities.

Dr. Xolisiwe Sebutsoe

Dr. Sebutsoe

Xolisiwe is a member of the Impact School advisory board. She holds a PhD in Chemistry with a focus in Environmental  Analytical Chemistry from the University of the Witwatersrand. She also holds a Masters Degree in Molecular and Cell Biology, as well as an Honours Degree in Biochemistry.

 Additionally, Xolisiwe was a Laboratory Teaching Assistant as well as co-supervisor to a number of Honours students. Through her postgraduate Degrees she developed a unique set of analytical, coaching, leadership and mentorship skills. She has a keen interest on matters that affect people as well as the environment.

Ms. Roxy Maqache

Ms. Roxy Maqache

Ms. Maqache is the CEO of Desert Arabia, a Research & Strategy Consultancy & Luxury Grooming outfit, based in Johannesburg, SA. She holds over 24 years of Corporate Industry experience and exposure in consumer understanding, market insights, cross-border merger and acquisitions, innovation development and business strategy principles.


She has worked in various industries, such as Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Advertising, Market Research and Personal Grooming & Beauty; and led multiple projects in geographies across Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia. A well-versed research professional, she has been an invited Speaker at Consumer and Shopper Conferences in the UK, Europe and Africa, to contribute her broad knowledge on the role of consumer insight to drive innovation.

A member of the South African Marketing Association (MASA), she has served on the Judging Panel of the prestigious Marketing Effectiveness & Creative Strategy Awards –The Effie Awards –for the past 6 years. Ms. Maqache is a graduate of Marketing & International Business from Schiller International University, UK. She also holds a Chartered Marketer qualification from MASA; an Executive Leadership Certificate from GIBS; and a Business Leadership Certificate from Lagos Business School, in Nigeria. She serves on Fintech and Tech Education Boards, as well as on Manufacturing and Retail Boards. She is a weekly Talk Radio Host on Radio BOP.

Heather Aydin-Ghormoz

Heather Aydin-Ghormoz

Heather Aydin-Ghormoz is a Research Scientist at the New York State Department of Health. Heather grew up in Ireland and pursued her higher education in the United States. She received her Master of Science in Epidemiology from the University at Albany – State University of New York. Heather also holds a Master of Public Administration in Policy Analysis and Evaluation from Baruch College – City University of New York

Heather works on environmental health projects such as environmental safety in schools and biomonitoring emerging and legacy environmental contaminant exposure in New York State residents. She has published research on risk factors for hospitalization with behavioral health disorders and concurrent temperature-related illnesses in New York State. She is passionate about applying epidemiological methods to environmental and public health problems.

Kutlwano Seleke

Kutlwano Seleke
Kutlwano Seleke
My full name is Kutlwano Seleke. I am currently L&D administrator at SANBS. I thrive on helping others. I am enthusiastic about growing and gaining new skills. I value learning from others and genuine connections.

The tasks I am fully responsible for in my role include diversity equality & inclusion activities, performance management analytics, LMS, LXP administration, BBBEE systems, training & events management, office management, stakeholder liason, and communication. I am keen to drive and share knowledge around BBBEE, diversity and inclusion, and people analytics, and it would be great to deepen my understanding of business and people’s behavior.

Bongane Maluleka

Mr. Bongane
Bongane Maluleka
Bongane Maluleka is the Senior Manager of Control and Instrumentation Engineering at Proconics. He holds an MBA from Wits Business School and a BSc in Chemical Engineering from Wits University. Bongane also has a BEng (Honors) in Technology Management from the University of Pretoria and an Advanced Diploma in Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering, from the Engineering Institute of Technology in Australia.
Bongane is also the Director of The Balcony Shisa and Chill, a restaurant situated in South Africa’s Rock Cottage Shopping Centre. He is passionate about helping the community develop public speaking and leadership skills and is the Area Director of S4, Division S for Toastmasters International.

Fulu Maumela-Mphuthi

Fulu Maumela-Mphuthi
Fulu Maumela-Mphuthi

Fulu Maumela-Mphuthi is the Managing Director & the Founder of 5 Walls (SA & Global) company & 5 MedOvens Pastry Product Range.

Fulu is highly motivated to succeed and have a strong belief in her abilities. She enjoys taking on complex challenges and have believe & faith in her ability to tackle them.

She is highly efficient and autonomous. Since Fulu is highly detail-oriented with a strong sense of self, she is resistant to imposed rules and thrive setting her own agenda. She is a highly intellectual leader who opposes reluctance. Fulu flourishes in routine-based and structured environments to maintain consistency. Here strong genuine authenticity help her with making tough decisions in a position of authority. She is an independent thinker and results oriented achiever who brings along a unique energy, optimism, passion, and tireless creativity to her work.


Fulu Maumela-MPhuthi’s background is Chef Patisserie (Finalising), Action MBA (In-progress), Business Information Systems Bachelor of Technology & Chemical Engineering National Higher Diploma.


Fulu have verse experiences within various sectors such as, Financial, Food Manufacturing, Compliance Institution, Consulting firm, Energy company, Marine Sector and Agri-processing. Her experience has equipped her with the ability to focus on providing sustainable solutions in the maritime industry. She has identified a gap in transformation when it comes to access to the sector and hopes to see change.


Fulu Maumela-Mphuthi is currently serving in the following Companies indicated below.

  • GroCapital Holdings Limited (GCHL) as an Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Urban Lifestyle Investments (ULI) as Non-Executive Director
  • Impact School as Advisory Board Member


She has completed her service +-3 years term in each of the following Companies below.

  • Cape Chamber of Commerce as Vise Chairperson for Industrial Focus Vise Chairperson
  • Cape Chamber of Commerce as Audit & Risk Committee Member
  • Onderstepoort Biological Products (OBP) as Board Member (Non-Executive Director)
  • Onderstepoort Biological Products (OBP) Audit & Risk Committee Member, Research & Development Committee Member & Operations Committee Member
  • Department of Transport as International Aviation Council Member
  • Department of Minerals and Energy as Petroleum Sector Women Committee Chair

The Founder - Mamonaheng Koenane

She completed her Computer Science studies at Griffith College in Dublin Ireland and has since worked in different Tech Start-ups in numerous European countries. As a foreigner she also enjoyed working in IT environments that catered for refugees and other foreign nationals. She served as Deputy Welfare and Press Officer at the African Union Ireland (AUI) an NGO that amongst other things focused on Education for Africans in the Diaspora.

Mamonaheng Koenane
The Founder At the age 16 while visiting, she happened to pick up a book her uncle had found thrown away somewhere on the streets. The book was a compilation of British schools and their addresses. Without much assistance from her parents she managed to send out letters requesting applications to study. Eventually landing a place at the Royal School Wolverhampton, she discovered the fees were too high for her parents to afford. At this point a family friend who was in love with education and had studied in Europe suggested that they look into Ireland. He walked her step-by-step all the way until she was accepted at Wilsons Hospital School in Ireland. She has come to embrace many different cultures and speaks Sesotho, English, Portuguese, German and a bit of French.

While attending a coding boot camp at Austin Coding Academy in Texas, Mamonaheng was fortunate to meet one of the people who would make a huge impression on her. Bertha Sadler Means a civil rights activist, business woman, community leader and educator welcomed her into her home and in turn reinforcing her love for education. Bertha’s grandson Khotso Khabele a Mosotho living in the US founded a prestigious privately owned school, the Khabele School (now Headwaters). This visit affirmed the idea that “we (Basotho) can do better”.

Coming back to her home country, she wanted to get involved in Education and started to teach basic computer skills at a local primary school. She later joined forces with seven other women and they co-founded Girls Coding Academy, whose primary focus was to encourage and engage young women and girls in STEM subjects. Under Girls Coding Academy together with GEM Institute they pioneered Girl Tech Talk Conference which is a hands on conference to showcase tech products produced by the youth while using the platform to ensure that women’s participation and products are also seen and appreciated. Other projects they were involved in included Pan African Robotics Challenge (PARC), First Global Challenge and Africa Code Week.

Africa Code Week involves travelling to different schools in the country and some in the far outskirts. It is here that she noticed that something was amiss. Amongst all the busyness and activities, there is still a bigger purpose to be met. We need to create something that will have long lasting effects while helping improve the lives of Basotho youth. And so came Impact School, with the aim of bringing Real Education, which will produce Real Software engineers with skills that can lead to real jobs that will serve the economy of her country.